Kwality Paints and Coatings Pvt. Ltd. (KPCPL)

First Company in INDIA to introduce water-based technology for industrial application. Kwality Paints aim to achieve sustainable growth in harmony with environment, focusing on development of green technology in Automotive and Industrial Paints, delivering best value to its customers.

Our Organization

Kwality Paints and coatings Pvt. Ltd. (KPCPL) is a manufacturer of Automotive and Industrial Paints. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we constantly endeavor towards customer satisfaction by delivering products and services of the best value and quality.

Our Products

Automotive Paints

  • Water – Based primers, Paints and clears
  • 1K & 2K Epoxy Primers and Anti-Corrosive Paints
  • Heat Resistant Paints
  • Thermosetting Acrylic Paints and Clears
  • Metallic Topcoats
  • Casting Sealers

Plastic Coatings

  • UV Curable Coatings
  • Soft Feel Coatings
  • Polyurethane Primers, Paints and Clears
  • Thermoplastic Acrylic Paints
  • Monocoat Metallic and Transparent Topcoats
  • Peelable Finishes
  • PP Primer
  • Sprayable Putty Composites

Performance Coatings

  • 2K Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
  • Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer
  • Thermal Insulating Paint
  • Fire Retardant Coatings
  • 2K Epoxy Mastic Primer
  • 2K Epoxy MIO Intermediate Primer
  • 2K Epoxy Phenolic Primer and Paint

General Industrial Paints

  • Alkyd Enamel Primers and Paints
  • Etch Primer
  • Marking Inks
  • Stoving Varnishes

Wood Coatings

  • UV Curable Sealers, Primers and Clears for Veneer Boards
  • UV Curable Color Coatings for Pre-Laminated Boards
  • 2K Polyurethane Sealers, Basecoats and Clears

Aerosol Touch Up Spray

  • Aerosol Spray cans are popularly used for touch up purpose in Automotive and Industrial applications.
  • It provides, ease of use, convenience, fast drying and clean application process.
  • These are easy to handle and hassle-free paint application systems
  • These spray cans can be manufactured in all shades as per customer requirement.

Our Contact
Kwality Paints and Coatings Pvt. Ltd.
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